Irene Uchida has been asked to join the morning hospital rounds at Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It’s around 1960. She’s talking about patients who have the symptoms of trisomy of chromosome 18 — that is, three number 18 chromosomes instead of the normal two. A doctor named Jack Sinclair raises his hand and says, “Hey, I think we have one on the...

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Q: Why will hard boiled eggs tarnish silver. But a egg cooked scrambled in a pan with nothing else added, will not tarnish the silver?

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Take two parasites and call me in the morning

July 26, 2014

Two recent papers suggest that some parasites may be good for us. UBC botanist Laura Wegener-Parfrey and Julius Lukeš of the Canadian Centre for Advanced Research question our traditional perception of intestinal parasites. The papers offer a systematic review of cases where humans have deliberately ingested parasites for research and suggest that certain parasites could have beneficial effects on conditions such as Crohn's disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. More at Science Media Centre of Canada.

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