Standing on a thin ledge of rock, just below Hell’s Gate rapids on the Fraser River in British Columbia, William Ricker dips his net into the eddy at his feet. He brings up a big sockeye salmon for tagging. This one is fresh and strong, not like the tired ones who are having trouble with the rapids. Again and again the weak ones find their way into his net. From a pocket, Ricker pulls out two...

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Q: How are sand dollars bleached white? Is it by the sun or the sea?

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Canadians love birds

March 10, 2015

Statistics Canada reported today that, based on the 2013 census, one in four Canadian households maintain bird feeders in their gardens. Homes in non-urban settings had the most bird feeders at 36%, while city dwellers provide bird feeders at the rate of 20%. Also, 9% of Canadian families own bird identification books or binoculars for bird watching. 

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