Richard Rozmahel passes time by reading the bulletin board hanging above the wheezing printer attached to the DNA sequencer. There’s an advertisement from a company selling genetic research chemicals. They’re offering a free T-shirt sporting the words: Ultra Pure Human Being. At the bottom of the ad he reads, “Send six peel-off seals from any GIBCO BRL Enzymes and receive an I Make My...

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Q: Can you help me with the physics of an amusement park ride called the Magic Carpet? The Magic Carpet is a ride where you sit on a platform (the carpet) and it starts to swing back and forth like a pendulum. When it gets to the highest point, you don't move for a few moments, then drop back into the swinging. I'm trying to find the apparent weight that you would have at the bottom of the swing. I know the real mass, which is 70.3 kg. The time of fall is 3.18 sec. Acceleration in Gs is 1; deceleration in Gs is 3.25, and the height of the ride is 6.24 meters. I now need the Centripetal Force so I could add it onto the real weight but I am unable to find it. Could you help?

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Stem cell breakthrough led by Canadian researchers

December 11, 2014

A team of over 50 scientists led by Andras Nagy of Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital have discovered a new class of stem cells, which could eventually lead to new treatments for all sorts of diseases. In particular they have characterized all the proteins involved in the three week process that changes an ordinary skin cell into a stem cell, which can then become any kind of cell in the human body. The results are published today in the journal Nature.

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