Top 100 Questions

  1. Why do brown or blue eyes turn green in young adulthood? (more)
  2. I would like to know if the aluminum in antiperspirants... (more)
  3. Are Sedna and Quaoar two new planets? (more)
  4. Is it true that in total a bee's venom is acidic while a wasp's... (more)
  5. In the book Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., there is a... (more)
  6. What is an aluminum lake? Does it contain aluminum? (more)
  7. Which substance plays the most important role in making a blue... (more)
  8. How can we re-magnetize old magnets when they've lost their... (more)
  9. What is the amount of force in foot pounds behind the average... (more)
  10. At a bar a fellow was doing a bar trick in which he asked anyone... (more)
  11. How does an analog ammeter works and how could I make one? (more)
  12. I know that the genes for red hair and for blonde hair are both... (more)
  13. How many satellites orbit the earth? How many are used for... (more)
  14. Is there a way to make a simple smoke bomb that isn't poisonous... (more)
  15. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me make sense... (more)
  16. How much liquid is in the stomach? (more)
  17. Is water from a dehumidifier de-ionized? The owner's manual for... (more)
  18. Do you know of any analysis or test data available to show that... (more)
  19. My question is about the reproduction of the Moon Snail... (more)
  20. How long would it take for the Earth to freeze if the Sun burnt... (more)
  21. Who REALLY discovered oxygen? According to an National Public... (more)
  22. Is the line spectrum that is produced by a fluorescent tube the... (more)
  23. I am interested in the transmission of RF through different... (more)
  24. Is it possible for a wild koala bear to ignite as a result of... (more)

  25. What is the efficiency of a typical jet engine? i.e. how much of... (more)
  26. How many active volcanoes are there at any onetime on the Earth,... (more)
  27. In my science 9 class we recently had a discussion about... (more)
  28. If Entamoeba Coli is present in the human intestine can other... (more)
  29. Does a person get their blood from both parents or just one? My... (more)
  30. Does water affect a magnet's strength? Do magnets lose their... (more)
  31. Why does an ice cube melt faster in tap water than salt water? (more)
  32. Does the temperature of a magnet affect its strength? (more)
  33. When seperating hydrogen and oxygen from water by using... (more)
  34. What must occur for two parents with blood type AB to have a... (more)
  35. Why does lemon prevent the browning of apples? When browning of... (more)
  36. Are Canadian dimes made out of zinc? What about quarters,... (more)

  37. I have blue eyes and am the mother of a son who has blue eyes as... (more)
  38. How does dish soap work to clean dishes? (more)
  39. I have spent 4-5 hrs. attempting to magnetize some iron (Fe)... (more)
  40. What is your personal view of global warming? Do you believe... (more)
  41. How long can someone sustain without sleep? What factors would... (more)
  42. My son, age 12 is asking for a chemistry set for Christmas. This... (more)
  43. Why is the sound of fingernails scratching against a chalkboard... (more)
  44. How much heat energy (watts) is released from the human body? Is... (more)
  45. We have an older pop machine at work with canned soft drinks. ... (more)
  46. Are we the center of the Universe? Does it always appear to an... (more)
  47. What is the effect of sound on plants? I have come up with a... (more)
  48. (more)

  49. Why doesn't a neon sign finally "run out" of exited atoms and... (more)
  50. Approximately how many nuclear tests do the americans alone... (more)
  51. How long is a frogs tongue? I had a test question that I... (more)
  52. What does cytoplasm do in the cell? (more)
  53. How did scientists conclude that a major part of our genome is... (more)
  54. Since the Big Bang we see (with Hubert Reeves and other... (more)
  55. I have a small laser pointer. The spot produced by the beam is... (more)
  56. Electricity. It powers almost all household appliances as well... (more)
  57. If matter expands when heated, and contracts when cooled, why... (more)
  58. Why can't an insect grow large enough to terrorize a city? (more)
  59. I am curious. What if two magnetic field lines were to intersect... (more)
  60. Why does phenolphthalein turn pink with a base? I know it has... (more)
  61. Why does a balloon travelling inside a car seem to violate... (more)
  62. Why does a digital camera need a shutter- I think it should be... (more)
  63. Why are a duck's feet coloured orange? (more)
  64. I have conducted an experiment with a parachute. I was... (more)
  65. Can you really grow plants from the seeds found in Mammoth... (more)
  66. What do paper and plastic bags degrade to? How much does it cost... (more)
  67. I heard... (more)

  68. I would like to know the amount of salt (either in ppm or %) in... (more)
  69. I hear there are 9 species of cicadas in Canada, but I haven't... (more)
  70. What is "time"? Does the word "time" in Physics have the same... (more)
  71. What are the urgent steps an undergrad must take to start... (more)
  72. Are double yolked eggs ever viable? Can they be fertilized? If... (more)
  73. If you find a bone in an archeological dig how can u tell what... (more)
  74. Why does water reach its maximum density at +4C instead of 0C?... (more)
  75. What causes a titanium headed golf club to spark when striking a... (more)
  76. What process does a jellyfish go through when it stings... (more)
  77. What is inside an atom? In between the electrons and the... (more)
  78. When does your skull reach its full, adult size? (more)
  79. I am a year 5 teacher. I was wondering if it would be ok if I... (more)
  80. What happens when you use ethanol (unblended) in a standard,... (more)
  81. Why does vitamin C not work as well if it has been heated? I... (more)
  82. Is homosexuality inborn? (more)
  83. In my youth, I heard a story about an experiment: you compress a... (more)
  84. What are water's special qualities, and how do they work? (more)
  85. If the sun is a heat source, and as the sun gets closer to the... (more)
  86. Does a magnetic and/or electric field have an affect on... (more)
  87. I was wondering where I can find good resources on determining... (more)
  88. What is sugar? (more)
  89. How can I construct a simple laser beam? (more)
  90. Why does it take nerves so long to grow back, more than for skin... (more)
  91. We were learning about colour and light when my teacher Mlle.... (more)
  92. I do not know if this might relate to Global Warming, but I... (more)
  93. My question: How will they produce plastics, tires, roads or... (more)
  94. What is the significance of Science in our society? (more)
  95. I understand that cancer is caused by mutations in some of... (more)

  96. How does a pressure cooker work? (more)
  97. If splitting the atom can create a huge amount of energy, then... (more)
  98. If I knew the centre of the universe and began to travel toward... (more)
  99. How do astronomers know the true position of stars? When... (more)
  100. I understand the concept of dominant and recessive alleles but I... (more)