-- E R R O R --

A fatal error has occurred querying the database.

This could have occurred for several reasons:

You typed letters when numbers where expected.
You pressed the reload button at a bad time.
A customer/order/item record already exists.

Write the time, date, and circumstances of the error (such as what you were trying to do, which menu item etc.) down so that the situation can be resolved in a quick and timely manner.

Error is: Unknown column 'q.askAQuestionID' in 'on clause'

On line 87 of file /home/bshell/include/functions/db_functions.inc in function printStackTrace()
On line 89 of file /home/bshell/include/askascientist/questionslist.inc in function db_query(SELECT q.questionBody, q.askAQuestionId, c.parentSubjectCodeID, q.askerName, q.askerLocation, c)
On line 31 of file /home/bshell/public_html/askascientist/browsequestions.php in function require_once(/home/bshell/include/askascientist/questionslist.inc)
Unknown column 'q.askAQuestionID' in 'on clause'
Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/bshell/include/askascientist/questionslist.inc on line 93
Aucuns matchs trouvés.