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Vijay, a 19 year old male from Hyderabad, India asks on July 24, 1999,

As an undergraduate computer engineering student, how can I best prepare myself for a career in space and astrophysics?

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Donald J. Barry answered on July 24, 1999

As a computer engineering student, you are already preparing well to participate in a variety of occupations related to space and astrophysics. A great deal of computer support is necessary both to academic research institutions which work in these areas, and to companies which engage in manufacturing and production of instrumentation and equipment used in the area. Your best bet is probably to take side courses so you can become familiar with the terminology of the field, and then search for jobs using your specialized knowledge. I would recommend you take courses in upper level undergraduate physics (particularly mechanics and dynamics) and in mathematical physics. This way you will be creating flexibility to work in a variety of areas, both in and out of the space and astrophysics community. This area can be difficult to find employment in, so do not narrow your options!

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