Mathematical and Computing Sciences Question #12

Ken Cooke, a 53 year old male from the Internet asks on May 14, 1999,

I read somewhere there are a total of 9 dimensions. Can you elaborate on what these dimensions are? There is length, width, height and the fourth is time. What are the others?

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on May 14, 1999

In fact there are an infinite number of dimensions after the fourth dimension of time. (Space is defined by the first 3 dimensions.) It does not stop at nine. The higher dimensions can represent many possible things. For instance I have seen them used to represent possible connections in a complex telephone network. They can be used to understand the many phases of modern radio signals. Or how about the unusual nature of time and space inside a black hole? Higher dimensions have countless applications in physics, math, and engineering to name just a few.

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