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Yuriy Yashkir, a 13 year old male from the Internet asks on January 20, 2000,

What does the future of Psychology hold? New therapies for brain disorders? Computer 'psychologists' to assist people with common problems? A direct interface between the human brain and a computer?

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Barry Shell answered on January 20, 2000

As brain chemistry is further understood more drugs will be found to treat brain disorders and diseases. There will also be huge advances in mass psychology and control of populations through advertising using psychological techniques based on statistical models of human behaviour. Computers may assist in the math for this.

Truly effective computer psychologists may not be a reality anytime soon, because human language and especially the understanding of countless non-verbal cues is still beyond the computer, and is the mainstay of modern psychoanalysis and counselling psychology.

Anything is possible - even computer-human mind interaction! This is the stuff of science fiction at present, but who knows about the future?

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