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Adam B., a 16 year old male from Miami asks on March 31, 2003,

Ok... this has been bugging my mind. Is it possible to generate heat with your mind to set things aflame? In other words... What is pyrokinesis, and is it humanly possible? Also, I've heard of people being able to generate a type of psi from there brain in some way... what is this wave (brain wave)... and can this wave be the cause of Psycic Powers such as telekinesis (if it exists), and others?

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Barry Shell answered on April 1, 2003

From a scientific point of view we would have to say that this is not possible. There are few (if any) respected scientific theories or observations of the phenomena of telekinesis or pyrokinesis. This is the area of paranormal which is not considered science. There are ways of doing telekinesis and pyrokinesis, but this is usually called "magic" and "illusion". There are many websites that debunk such claims.

A google search on: skeptic spoon bending, found: a film that shows how the illusion is done.

Others have debunked telekinesis, and pyrokinesis, alien abduction, etc. in the same way. It's all a form of magic and illusion. A trick. Still a lot of fun, but not science.

Nevertheless, there are many totally mind-blowing things in science. So don't despair.

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