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Brittany Tardif, a 16 year old female from Cornwall asks on May 21, 2003,

We weren't allowed to put in a permanent dock because it affected the ecosystem. Can you please explain the effects on the ecosystem of the St. Lawrence River if we were to put in our dock?

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The answer

Al Stockwell, Environmental Specialist, Hatfield Consultants, North Vancouver, Canada answered on May 21, 2003

The installation of a permanent dock would most likely involve disruption or destruction of aquatic habitat associated with the immediate shoreline and river bottom resulting from the placement of structures needed to hold the dock in place. Furthermore, a permanent installation may also affect river current or flow patterns which may produce changes in shoreline deposition or erosion patterns. Finally, a permanent dock would create its own mini-ecosystem by providing surfaces for aquatic growth and other habitat features. This can be viewed as either positive or negative depending on its impact on the natural plant and animal community.

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