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Kelly Gould, a 38 year old female from Sacramento, CA asks on June 1, 2003,

I am a firearms Instructor for Law Enforcement Officers. I am teaching a course on training male and female officers. I am curious if there are learning differences between males and females and if so, would you recommend various styles or techniques that are beneficial for each sex? (i.e.visual, auditory, kinetic?)

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Doreen Kimura answered on October 16, 2003

I don't have any instructional advice, but I would predict that women could be or become as accurate as men with a STATIONARY target, but not with a moving target. In fact, there may be such data out there, comparing rifle practice with stationary targets, and skeet shooting, where the target moves. My own experience (anecdotal in the extreme) would support this.

In fact I found a paper showing that the sex difference is larger for velocity judgments than distance judgments. Practice with velocity judgments did not erase the difference.

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