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John Jones, a n/a from the Internet asks on May 9, 2000,

Why has our departmental tarantula, who lives in my office, retreated into a cardboard tube and spun webs over both ends?

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on May 9, 2000

"More than likely, she (or he) may be intending molting in the near future or she's just trying to make her own little environment with a little more humidity if your office is a little too dry for her. Just leave her alone, make sure she has an open water dish and if you see her lying on her back DO NOT DISTURB HER however lifeless she looks. If she decides to molt, the process from flipping onto her back to getting back on her feet may take 24 hours, or even longer in some cases, although the whole event could be over in a couple of hours." - Chris Lancaster

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