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Edmund Mah, a 23 year old male from the Internet asks on May 17, 2000,

Are there special awards for Canadian scientists? Canadian science greats like Sir Frederick Banting, Sydney Altman, and Dr. Michael Smith have received the Nobel Prize, which is international. What about recognition within Canada?

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Barry Shell answered on May 17, 2000

There are several Canadian Awards Programs, notably the Steacie prize (http://gold.sao.nrc.ca/sims/Prize.htm)and the Killam prize awarded by the National Research Council and Canada Council for the Arts respectively. The National Science and Engineering Research Council celebrates Canada's most outstanding scientists and engineers (see http://www.nserc.ca/gherzberg/en/award_an.html).

Provincial governments have their own awards. In British Columbia we have the gold medal awards in Science and Technology awarded annually by the BC Science Council (http://www.scbc.org/awards/s_and_t/default.asp).

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