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Stephanie, a 21 year old female from Vancouver asks on January 19, 2004,

Where can I find the degree day calculations for different regions in British Columbia and Alberta for 2001, 2002 and 2003? They are not listed on the Environment Canada website.

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on January 23, 2004

To obtain degree day values, visit the Canadian Climate Summary website.  This site provides monthly data for various stations across Canada. Included are monthly averages and extremes of temperature, precipitation amounts, degree days, and sunshine hours. Note that this site is updated monthly and only contains information from the last twelve months. In other words, January 2003 data will be replaced by January 2004 data, by the second week of February 2004.  Visit Environment Canada's Climate Summary site and look under the HDD (heating degree day) or CDD (cooling degree day) columns.

If you are interested in information that is not available on these sites, contact the Climate Services office within your region of interest. Specify which locations, dates and parameters that are of interest to you.  Please note that there is a charge for the service of providing climate data.  We charge for the service of providing data, and not the data itself.  If you require certified documentation, additional charges may apply.  A list of our regional contacts can be found at the Environment Canada Contacts page.

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