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k.h., a 32 year old female from Alberta asks on February 12, 2004,

My husband has dark brown hair, and I have white blonde hair. If Dark hair is supposed to be dominant, then why are our 3 kids all so fair like myself. 1 has dirty blonde hair, the second has platinum blonde hair, and the third has strawberry blonde hair. My husband has hazel eyes, and I have blue, and all 3 kids have blue eyes. I was always told that the dark was dominant, but none of our kids have the dark hair or eye color that he has. Why is this. My ethnic background is scandinavian if this helps. Thank you

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The answer

Jeremy Swoboda, Student, Alvinston, Ontario answered on February 21, 2004

It all depends on the age of your kids. My dad has dark brown hair, and my mother has blonde hair. My brother was blonde till he was 10 and now he is black as ever.

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