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Rita, a 40 year old female from Lisle asks on December 4, 2004,

My 4th grade son is doing a science project on eye color and we can't find any info about the percentages of people who have brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes or hazel eyes in the world. He wants to compare this statistic to that of his class.

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Barry Shell answered on December 4, 2004

Not much about this is available online. We do not have any eye color experts. After a brief search using, a site was found that lists a distribution of eye color in an American experiment. With a sample of 324, the results were:
32% blue/grey irises
15% blue/grey/green irises with brown/yellow specks
12% green/light brown irises with minimal specks
16% brown irises with specks
25% dark brown irises

You may be able to find more if you search on: "eye color" distribution France (for example).

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