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Lola, a 13 year old female from the Internet asks on February 8, 2005,


I am doing a science fair project about if temperature affects the digestion of protein or not. To do this project, I need to make a simulation for human gastric juices. I know that i am going to use pepsin and hydrochloric acid, but I have no idea how much of each I should use. Please help me out!

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Barry Shell answered on February 9, 2005, A:

A simple google search found the answer:

"The average person secretes about 400 mL of gastric juice per meal, containing 50 to 300 µg pepsin/mL. For an average of around 200 µg/mL × 400 mL of gastric juice, this would be 80 mg (or 0.080 g) pepsin/meal. For HCl with a concentration of around 6.08 g/L × 400 mL, this would be 2.4 g/meal."

Find out more at J. Stein Carter's digestion website at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College.

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