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John Crowe, a 19 year old male from Dublin asks on April 29, 2005,

If I knew the centre of the universe and began to travel toward it, would I begin to decrease in velocity due to the increasing expansion of the universe? Or is gravity relative to the speed of a body and wouldn’t matter where I am or which direction I travel?

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The answer

Charles Campbell answered on June 20, 2005

The problem is really is there a center of the universe? Well, not really. Imagine a draw a picture of yourself on it. Then blow it up, more and more. You see you can't point to the center because the center is actually in 4D space time. As time moves on, the universe (balloon) expands spatially in time.

[In addition, Physicist Doug Hube answered a similar question here about the "location" of the centre of the universe. According to him, the centre is everywhere. --Editor]

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