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deepak singhal, a 27 year old male from Bangalore (India) asks on June 21, 2005,

Before getting married should we consider blood groups of both individuals? Is there any limitations that a particular blood group person can marry only a particular blood group? I have this doubt because we have such limitations during blood transfusion. So, doesn't that same limitation hold during marriage?

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Barry Shell answered on June 21, 2005

No. Your blood will not be mixed, so there is no problem. The problem occurs when the blood of one individual is transferred into the body of the other. This does not happen with marriage or with sex.

Only genetic information is blended. Not blood. Sex is fundamentally the combining of genetic information of two individuals and there have been several billion years of evolution to perfect this system. Not much can go wrong. Do not worry. There is a very small chance that some rare condition will arise (e.g. Rh Negative blood factors in the mother during pregnancy) but this will be checked by your doctor if the woman gets pregnant and standard precautions will be taken. Nothing to worry about.

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