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Sarah Spratt, a 20 year old female from the Internet asks on February 10, 1998,

What is the most critical environmental problem in Canada today?

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Barry Shell answered on February 10, 1998

In my opinion, I would say the forest. Canada is fundamentally known (outside of Canada) as "the world's woodlot". I do not believe that Canada is managing its forest resource as intelligently as it could. All across the country huge tracts of forests are being almost given away to multinationals companies and are being cut down faster than you can believe. We still have a lot, but fly over Vancouver Island one day and you will have an eye opener. The same thing is happening elsewhere in Canada and the world. Forests are habitat for countless plants and animals, and they cleanse the planet's atmosphere. What the result will be of cutting the vast forests of the Earth, we can only speculate. Some groups working to protect Canada's forests are Greenpeace, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the Western Canadian Wilderness Committee. Visit the Council of Forest Industries website to see what industry says about forest usage in British Columbia. 91

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