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Dave, a 60 year old male from Sutton asks on July 2, 2006,

Are there foods to eat which lower/reduce harmful cholesterol levels, or is this achieved by adhering to the kind of regimen explained in Rick Gallop's The G.I. Diet?

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Barry Shell answered on July 3, 2006

As far as I can tell the Rick Gallop diet is not about lowering cholesterol. Here is a website with tips on how you can lower cholesterol by changing your diet: I have tried most of these myself and it works. I lowered my cholesterol levels significantly. You do not have to take drugs or follow any fancy diets. Just change your diet a bit. All I did was reduce significantly the amount of cheese, butter and cream I ate, including pizza; began eating a lot more tofu and soy foods; stopped eating salami and sausages of all kinds; ate more nuts and a lot more fish. This made a big difference in my measured cholesterol levels. It was not that hard to do.

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