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Jeremy, Shawn, and Angel, a 0 year old n/a from Orland, California asks on March 19, 1998,


How does medicine (for example, Contact) work in your stomach after you have taken a pill?

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Barry Shell answered on March 19, 1998, A:

Medicine is absorbed through the stomach and intestine walls into the blood in the same way as any food. Contact has time release capsules which are coated with a material that is resistant to stomach acid and takes a long time to dissolve so the drug is released in the middle into the body. The dozens of different little granules in a contact capsule are coated with different thicknesses of this stuff so the drug inside is released at different times from different nodules. This way your body receives a continuous dose of the drug over a long period of time - about 8-12 hours depending on the formulation.

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