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Michelle, a 13 year old female from the Internet asks on April 16, 1998,

I want to study and work with animals and their environment. Is there an occupation like this? What is it called??

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on April 16, 1998

Well, there are a number of areas.

  1. The biology of animals or zoology. Find a book on this from the library - but basically it's the study of animal physiology, life and habitat. Many subspecialties exist in animal breeding, animal disease, migration routes, and much more. There are specialties in all parts of the animal kingdom: birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, etc.

  2. Veterinary medicine and the study of how to heal sick animals of all types.
  3. Animal ecology and the study of how animals fit in with the environment and the web of life. Behaviour of animals, predator-prey relations, life cycles, interactions with other animals and plants, etc.

For any of these there are books and websites you can investigate. I recommend going to the library and asking the librarian to help you find books on the above subjects.

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