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Daniel Eyre, a 9 year old male from the Internet asks on August 4, 1999,

How far is Pluto from the sun, and will we ever be able to travel to other planets, besides the moon?

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on August 4, 1999

Pluto is 5,913,520,000 km from the sun. It is possible to go to other planets, but not very. The closest one worth going to is Mars and in our fastest ships it would take about 2 years of travel. Another problem is the exposure to cosmic rays that the people on board would have. This can kill or cause cancer. A good website for information on Mars is Given our limitations, I don't expect we will go to any planets soon. I think we'll have to wait until someone invents faster-than-light travel, but with today's scientific understanding, this is not yet possible.

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