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Lacci (Genre: mâle, Àge: 16 années) de Withernsea, Yorkshire, England sur 15 juillet 2008 demande:

Many people say there are 5 senses in the body but I am arguing with my mum here that there are six. Could you please tell me are there 5 or 6?

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Barry Shell répondu le 15 juillet 2008

In a traditional sense, your mum is right. The five senses first codified by Aristotle are: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. But modern science recognizes at least six other senses including: pain, balance, joint motion, time, temperature, and in some people a sense of direction. Wikipedia has a good article about the senses. There are a few more internal senses that detect the stretching of organs such as the bladder and lungs.

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