Mathematical and Computing Sciences Question #476

Mohammad, a 13 year old male from Toronto asks on December 17, 2001,

What is 2 with the power of 4? and can u tell me some consideration of microwaves?

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on December 17, 2001

When you see one number to the power of another number it just means you multiply the first number times itself the number of times shown by the second number (the power) so for 2 to the power of 4, the answer is 2x2x2x2=? I think you can figure this out yourself.

We cannot possibly answer general questions about things such as microwaves. When you have a general question such as this, go to and type in "microwaves" or "how microwaves work" or "introduction to microwaves". Also, you can do this for "flamingos" "batteries" or anything you can think of, even your own name. It is truly amazing.

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