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Aysha, a 28 year old female from Leicester asks on September 10, 2006,

 What is symbolizing boblicity under cosmogen pressure?

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Clive Dave Devlin answered on January 11, 2011

Any pseudo-scientist deserving of the title will tell you that symbolizing boblicity, or “slorpudno” as it is known in the South, is intellectually dishonest, dangerous and derwoodic in any context. Attempting this under cosmogen pressure (“CP”) would be tantamount to suicide.

To understand why, Rabtun’s First Postulate will provide as good a place to start as any.  Rabtun states that whenever non-existent objects are altered through fictitious processes, WATCH OUT!

In this case, the boblicity would react to the CP by splitting off 20-28% of its mass. The resulting cosmogenic voidlet would oscillate at 9,800 Qm/second, forming enough zamlift to turn all seawater into salty licorice. It goes without saying that this would be very bad.

Now, to answer your original question, the Bouncing Venezuela Pebble Frog (Oreophrynella nigra) symbolizes boblicity under CP. At least, it does for me. 

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