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kathy michaels, a 41 year old female from Surrey, B.C. asks on January 11, 2002,

I am doing a psychology paper on Near Death Experiences. I would like to ask if you have any articles on the topic that may be useful to me as a resource. I would like to present both the skeptical and nonskeptical points of view.

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Barry Beyerstein answered on January 21, 2002

My students and I investigated the allegedly best-documented case for a real NDE (i.e., one that really involved consciousness exiting the body, not just a vivid hallucination that did, which happens all the time). We published our findings in The Skeptical Inquirer a few years ago (Maria's Near-Death Experience, Various Authors, Vol. 20(Number 4)pages 27-33). In short, the evidence was VERY thin. There are several references in our article, especially those by Susan Blackmore, that are particularly good.

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