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Suzanne Hamricks, a 52 year old female from the Internet asks on August 25, 1999,

I gave a child up for adoption in 1966. I have found someone who might be my child. She has type "A" positive blood and I have type "O" negative blood. Is it possible that she could be my child? What would the father's blood type have to be to make her a match?

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on August 25, 1999

Knowing that you get one chromosome from your mom and one from your dad, you can figure out what the possible blood type is. People with blood type A can have either two A chromosomes (AA), or one A and one O chromosome (AO). Since we already know you are type O, then the father must be type A. If you find out the supposed father is not type A and you are sure about everything else, then this person is not your daughter.

David Malone answered on May 25, 2004

The Father can have two blood types. Type A from the combination AA or AO. He could also be type AB.

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