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Mohsen Omrani, a 20 year old male from Tehran, Iran asks on October 2, 1999,

I am interested in Computational NeuroScience, particularly in Colour Vision, Land's Effect, and Retinex Theory. Could you provide any references about this?

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Brian Funt answered on October 2, 1999

Check out the webpage of the Computational Vision Lab at Simon Fraser University It has links to other researchers' web pages as well. You should know that there has been a lot of argument against Land's theory. For example the paper: Brainard, D.H. and Wandell, B.A. (1986). Analysis of the retinex theory of color vision. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 3, 1651-1661. Reprinted in Physics-based Vision - Principles and Practice, edited by Lawrence B. Wolff, Steven A. Shafer and Glenn E. Healey (1992). There has also been a lot of work on color constancy, which is what retinex claims to do. For the colour constancy work, my lab page ( is as good as any to start from. You should also look for more recent papers by my ex-student, Graham Finlayson, in the Color Imaging Conference proceedings.

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