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Jeremy Wolf, a 25 year old male from Kintnersville, PA asks on July 12, 2002,

Has anyone tried a vaccine (attenuated, similar pathogen, killed, toxoid, or subunit vaccine) for HIV? If so, what were the results? What are the risks of getting the disease from the vaccine? Are there certain types of vaccines that are more risky than others?

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Barry Shell answered on July 12, 2002

I was able to find fairly good answers by going to and typing in words like "AIDS Vaccine".

A lot of research has gone into AIDS vaccines, but people are extremely cautious as they worry about accidentally spreading the disease this way. Using attenuated vaccines is not considered safe with AIDS but subunit vaccines might be OK. There are dozens of websites about this. Try International Aids Vaccine Innitiative.

All Africa Magazine.

Certain types of vaccines are more risky than others.

Again I urge you to go to the Google Search Engine when you have questions like this. I typed in "which vaccines are more risky" and very quickly found dozens of links that held the answer.

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