William Ricker se tient debout sur une mince saillie rocheuse, située juste en dessous des rapides de Hell’s Gate sur la rivière Fraser, en Colombie-Britannique ; il plonge son filet dans les remous à ses pieds, et remonte un gros saumon sockeye afin de le marquer. Celui-là est frais et fort, pas fatigué comme ceux qui ont des difficultés à...

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I am attempting to determine if the spark given off from a TASER, would be enough to light a candle with prolonged exposure. And why or why not this would work. I would suggest that the spark isn't great enough to light the wax vapour but I am looking for a more scientific answer.

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How much fossil fuel can we exploit?

7 janvier, 2015

Canada would need to leave 75 per cent of its oil in the ground as part of a global effort to cap global warming at two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, a new study shows. The authors also conclude that the exploitation of resources in the Arctic should be ruled out. Using computer models, the authors found that if current global fossil fuel reserves are burned as planned, that will result in CO2 levels on Earth about three times higher than the +2 degree C level predicted by IPCC models. See our Stop The Burning page, Source: Science Media Centre.

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