Reference links

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A Century of Innovation
Canadian government research labs contributions
European press centre for science, medicine and technology
Association of Science Communicators
An association of professional and impassioned science communicators in Quebec.
A French site all about astronomy. Includes tips on how to buy a telescope, information about the solar system, famous astronomer biographies and interviews with professional astronomers. (In French)
Canadian Association for Girls in Science
If you are a girl interested in science, this is for you.
Canadian Association of Physicists
All about physics in Canada
Canadian Biotechnologist 2.0
A blog about Canadian biotechnology news and careers.
Canadian Landscapes at Natural Resources Canada
Wonderful photos of Canadian landscapes complete with scientific geological explanations.
Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence
Doorway to a treasure trove of Canada's latest research in Science and Technology
Canadian Nuclear FAQ
Everything you ever wanted to know about Canadian nuclear science and technology
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Educational Resources
Fun and interesting learning materials about nuclear science for students and educators from grades 2 to 12.
A resource for high school students and their teachers on science topics.
Deep River Science Academy
Summer science camp for grades 10 - 12 students. Test-drive a scientific career in leading Canadian laboratories while earning school credits.
Engineering and Technology History Wiki
Created by the United Engineering Foundation, Society of Women Engineers, and other partner organisations
Geological Survey of Canada
Everything you ever wanted to know about Canadian Earth Sciences
Canadian science educational resources for teachers and students
Innovation Canada
Brochure-style website featuring research sponsored by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, an arms length federal funding body for research infrastructure.
ISI Highly Cited Scientists
Lists experts who have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology in recent decades. Search by name, institution, country or category.
Journal of the History of Canadian Science
Lists table of contents of journals only
JUMP Math is a numeracy program that closes the gap for students who are currently being left behind in math, even as it raises attainment for students who are already doing well.
Manning Awards for Innovation
Largest private Canadian award for science and technology has latest info on Canadian innovators
Mars Society
Everything you always wanted to know about Mars, and how to get there.
National Film Board of Canada Youth Science
Go on a mission to solve a number of animated scientific puzzles
National Inventors Hall of Fame
American site all about inventors and inventions
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Canada's biggest funding agency for the sciences is a rich source of information
Nobel Prize Archive
Everything you'd ever want to know about the Nobel prizes
Online Science Encyclopaedia by Astronomer David Darling
Definitions and explanations for a variety of scientific terms and concepts
PICS Climate Insights 101
Three animated interactive courses developed by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions that explain the causes of climate change, how society can adapt, and options for mitigation.
Royal Society of Canada
Information about many of Canada's greatest intellectuals
Canadian government science links. A few biographies and features as well as a game.
SciQuest e-Solutions for Science
American corporate science information, good source for science news, funding, conferences and more.
Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
Jobs and other science resources for women (and men).
The Chemical Institute of Canada
Chemistry in Canada
The Geological Society online library
Data, resources, journals, books, and maps from The Geological Society
Understanding Science
University website in Berkley, CA with a ton of excellent resources for science teachers including science myth busting and much more.
Virtual Library for the History of Science
Australian collection of links to science biography and lots of other things
A free, open, multilingual encyclopedia. Find out anything here.
Wilderness Astronomy
Canadian website all about star gazing in the wild, including the gear you need, the darkest parks in Canada, and more.