William (Bill) James Leslie Buyers

Condensed Matter Physics, crystals, magnets, superconductors, semiconductors

Researched magnetic excitations and structures of solids and liquids; first to observe the "Haldane Gap", thereby confirming a previously controversial theory in quantum magnetism.

Buyers was born and educated in Aberdeen, Scotland. He received the Rutherford Medal from the Royal Society of Canada in December 1986, for his work in magnetic excitations and lattice vibrations in ordered and disordered materials, and for his determination of the structures of solids and liquids. Buyers was manager of Neutron and Solid State Physics Branch, AECL Chalk River until 1991. In 2001 he received the CAP Medal of Achievement in Physics for his development of neutron scattering techniques to show the magnetic properties of metals and insulators, and for his leadership role in the Canadian neutron scattering community. Buyers is one of the leaders of the proposal for the new Canadian Neutron Facility. He is also one of the organizers of the 2003 National Symposium on Energy, Environment and Society.

Sources: Canadian Who’s Who 1993; Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP); Photo: CAP website.

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