Adolfo J. de Bold


Biochemist; Discovered that the heart produces a hormone, the Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF)

As an undergraduate de Bold studied at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. In 1968, he came to Canada where he received his MSc and PhD at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, in Pathology. In 1973, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Pathology there. Although de Bold trained primarily in biochemistry, he also studied experimental pathology. He used his combined skills to look at the cell biology of the mammalian atrial cardiocyte (heart muscle cell) which culminated in 1980 with the discovery of Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF)—a polypeptide hormone produced by the cardiac muscle cell of the heart atrium. He thus demonstrated that the heart has an endocrine function and opened a field of research that has led to many new insights in biology. Besides receiveing many awards for his work, de Bold was also nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Source: de Bold, personal communication

Photo: University of Ottawa department of pathology


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