William Ricker

Zoology, Animals, Physiology, Metabolism

Canada's Greatest Fisheries Biologist: Inventor of the Ricker Curve for describing fish population dynamics

"Try and arrange that you’re doing something that you’re interested in. There’s quite a bit of routine in research work but I’ve never worked on a project that I wasn’t very interested in."

So You Want to Be a Fisheries Biologist

Ricker felt that anyone planning a career in science should be sure to choose a subject that is of great personal interest. Some aspects of scientific work can be boring, consisting of very repetitive experiments or endless data collection. Only a keen interest in the subject will make the tedium of the day-to-day work tolerable.

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William Ricker, Computation and Interpretation of Biological Statistics of Fish Populations, Bulletin of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada no. 191, 1975. (This is “the Green Book.”)

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