William Ricker

Zoology, Animals, Physiology, Metabolism

Canada's Greatest Fisheries Biologist: Inventor of the Ricker Curve for describing fish population dynamics

"Try and arrange that you’re doing something that you’re interested in. There’s quite a bit of routine in research work but I’ve never worked on a project that I wasn’t very interested in."

August 11, 1908

Waterdown, Ontario

Date of Death
September 8, 2001

Place of Death
Nanaimo, British Columbia

Family Members
  • Mother: Rebecca Rouse
  • Father: Harry Edwin Ricker
  • Spouse: Marion (Caldwell)
  • Children: 4 sons
  • Grandchildren: 3

Generous, modest, self-effacing, quiet

Favorite Music
Bach, e.g. Brandenburg Concertos, Handel, Mozart

Other Interests
Plants, birds, geology, insect classification, bass viol, Canadian history, languages, archaeology, trains.

Retired Chief Scientist, Fisheries Board of Canada

Nanaimo Biological Station, Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans


  • BA, University of Toronto, Ontario, 1930
  • MA, University of Toronto, Ontario, 1931
  • PhD, University of Toronto, Ontario, 1936

  • Eminent Ecologist, Ecological Society of America, 1990
  • Order of Canada, 1986
  • Fry Medal, Canadian Society of Zoologists 1983
  • Flavelle Medal, Royal Society of Canada, 1970
  • Award of Excellence, American Fisheries Society, 1969
  • Gold Medal, Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada, 1966
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, 1956


Professors Dymond, Walker, Coventry and Harkness, University of Toronto; W. A. Clemens and R. E. Foerster, Pacific Biological Station; F.I. Baranov’s for his 1918 Monograph about fish, R. A. Fisher for his book The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection.

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August 21, 2006


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