John Jonas Materials Science

Developed steel alloys that don’t crack in the cold of Canada’s far north

The Story

Jonas graduated from McGill in 1954, and earned his PhD in mechanical sciences at Cambridge University in England after working in the mills of the Steel Company of Wales for a year. He contributed to advances in steel rolling techniques, which differ with each alloy, and has five patents for the process that produces the niobium-laced steel used in Canada’s far north. The steel doesn’t crack in extreme cold, and thus keeps oil in the pipelines off the tundra and out of the sea. Was chair of the Canadian Steel Industry Research Association until 1995. Among numerous other awards, Jonas received the Grande Médaille of the Société Française de Métallurgie et de Matériaux, the first Canadian to be so honored.

Sources: Westmount Examiner, Nov. 21, 1991; The McGill Reporter, Dec. 7, 1995


The Person

Montreal, Quebec
Birks Professor of Metallurgy
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
  • B.Eng. McGill University - Metallurgical Engineering, 1954
  • Ph.D. Mechanical Sciences - Cambridge University, 1960
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June 16, 2015

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