Paul Kebarle Physical Chemistry

Pioneered the measurements of gas-phase ion-molecule equilibria using mass spectrometry

The Story

Kebarle’s measurements on ion/solvent clusters lead to new understanding of the importance of ion solvation for the energetics and reactivities of solvated ions. Further, in a long series of papers, Kebarle and his coworkers obtained fundamental data, such as proton affinities, hydride ion affinities, and electron affinities, on isolated molecules. These kinds of data, significantly expanded by other workers, now constitute a central data base that is of fundamental importance in many diverse fields. Examples include protein molecular modeling, physical organic chemistry, and many analytical methods including biochemical mass spectrometry.

Sources: Personal communication

The Person

Chemist; Professor
University of Alberta, Edmonton.
  • M.Sc., ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • Ph.D., University of British Columbia
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September 16, 2001

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