Wilder Graves Penfield Psychology

Mapped out the functional areas of the cerebral cortex

The Story

Penfield's early research focused on improving the treatment of focal epilepsy by gentle electrical stimulation. He mapped out new functional areas of the human cerebral cortex, and discovered that stimulating parts of the cortex could evoke vivid and specific memories including sounds and smells. Penfield was a founder of the Montreal Neurological Institute and he wrote many books on brain physiology.

Source: Modern Men of Science, McGraw-Hill, 1966


Career ideas:

  • Counseling (such as career, emotional, marital, teen, etc.)
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Behavioral modification psychologist
  • Child psychologist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Cognitive psychologist
  • Developmental psychologist
  • Educational psychologist
  • Engineering psychologist
  • Industrial psychologist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Organizational psychologist
  • Military psychologist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Research psychologist
  • School psychologist
  • Social psychologist
  • Sport psychologist
  • Vocational psychologist

The Person

January 26, 1891
Spokane, Washington
Date of Death
November 30, 1974
Neurosurgeon; Founder, Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University
  • LittB Princeton University, NJ, 1913
  • BA Oxford, England 1913
  • MD Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland, 1918
  • Lannelongue Medal, France, 1958
  • Lister Medal, Royal College of Surgeons, 1961
  • British Order of Merit
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September 16, 2015

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