Robert William Stewart Oceanography

Oceanographer; Professor; Administrator: Studied turbulence spectra in oceanography

The Story

Stewart was a world renowned oceanographer particularly famous for his studies in turbulence. He recognized the importance of exchange processes between the oceans and the atmosphere and was one of the first to study the two as a combined system. In 1988 Stewart studied the conditions around the world that influence changes in sea level. Considering every possible factor, he noted that world-wide sea level had been rising at a rate no more than 1 millimeter per year for the past two centuries, and there were no natural or human-caused circumstances likely to change that rate for the next century. Stewart has served as an administrator of numerous scientific bodies and governmental departments and has received numerous awards and medals including the Order of Canada, the Sverdrup Gold medal, and one of only two people to ever receive both the Patterson and Tully Medal.

Sources: Canadian Who’s Who 1993, and various websites.

The Person

August 21, 1923
Smoky Lake, Alberta
Professor of Oceanography
University of Victoria, BC
  • BSc Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, 1945
  • MSc Queens, 1947
  • PhD Cambridge University, England, 1952
  • Patterson Medal, Environment Canada, 1975
  • Tully Medal, Environment Canada, 1989
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September 17, 2001

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