Jean-Marc Lalancette Organic Chemistry

World expert in asbestos chemistry and methods to make asbestos safer

The Story

Lalancette was professor of chemistry at the Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec for more than forty years where he had a distinguished research career concerning organo-metallic compounds, especially asbestos and other aspects of mining chemistry. In the 1970s Lalancette was responsible for much asbestos research and for the creation of several asbestos research councils and institutes. He was the first director of the Institute of Asbestos Research. Besides pure research, Lalancette was always on the lookout for practical applications, and hence was awarded the Manning prize for his discovery of a method to make asbestos safe for daily use. He was president of the organic chemistry section of the Canadian Institute of Chemistry (1971-1972). He became the first director of the Chemistry department, first Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and was also VP of research at the University of Sherbrooke, before his retirement in 1987. Lalancette continues to work and publish papers.

Sources: U. Sherbrooke liaison newsletter, vol33, n4, photo credit Roger Lafontaine.

The Person

  • Manning Principal Award, 1985
  • prix Bombardier, 1985
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September 16, 2001

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