Sandra Witelson


Neuroscience, biological basis for cognition in male and femal brains

"We held Einstein's brain in our hands and realized that this is the organ that was responsible for changing our perceptions of the universe, and we were in awe."

Sandra Witelson is trying to understand the neurobiological basis of variations in behaviour. How are hormones involved? What is it about the left hemisphere that makes it the language dominant centre in most people? What does the right hemisphere lack that prevents it from processing language? Witelson and other scientists have found brain differences in structure and organization of male and female brains and also between homosexual and heterosexual people. The type of brain differences that exist suggest they are likely due in part to genetic factors.



Can there be a genetic basis for variation in intellectual ability in humans? Will we be able to look at a child's genome and tell what their future aptitudes will be?

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Most of Witelson's important scientific papers can be found and viewed at her personal webpage at the Community of Science.

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