Jules P. Carbotte Condensed Matter Physics, crystals, magnets, superconductors, semiconductors

Expert on superconductivity

The Story

Following graduation, Carbotte worked as a Research Associate in the Physics Department of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, and in 1965 he became an Assistant Professor of Physics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. After a year at McGill University, he returned to McMaster to take a position as Associate Professor and was promoted to Professor in 1972. In 1996, he was honoured with the title University Professor at McMaster.

Prof. Carbotte is interested in condensed matter theory, which is the study of the electronic, optical, magnetic, thermal and structural properties of materials such as liquids and solids. He has worked in several fields, including positron annihilation in metals, and its role in superconductivity and transport properties. He has also investigated the field of dilute metallic alloys employing density functional theory to calculate electronic and lattice relaxation effects around impurity atoms. More recent studies are focussed on superconductivity, especially on the new high Tc oxides. He heads a team of seven graduate students and a postdoctoral fellow who are investigating how superconducting properties reflect the microscopic mechanism, and what limitations exist in recent popular theories on the subject.

Carbotte is a Fellow and the Founding Director of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)'s Program in Superconductivity. In 1998, he also became the Science Advisor to CIFAR's President.

Sources: Dr. Carbotte's homepage; CIFAR website; Photo: Dr. Carbotte's homepage.

Career ideas:

  • research scientist, physics
  • research scientist, electronics
  • research scientist, communications
  • research scientist, aerospace
  • research scientist, remote sensing
  • nuclear physicist
  • optics physicist
  • plasma physicist
  • solid state physicist
  • astrophysicist
  • cosmologist
  • experimental physicist

The Person

University Professor, Founding Director of CIAR
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
  • BSc (Hon. Physics), University of Manitoba, 1960
  • MSc (Physics), McGill University, 1961
  • PhD (Physics), McGill U, 1963
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, 1974
  • Herzberg Medal, 1974
  • Steacie Fellowship (NRC), 1975
  • Steacie Prize (NRC), 1975
  • CAP Gold Medal, 1979
  • Metal Physics Medal, 1991
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July 14, 2011

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