Yves Oscar Fortier Geophysics

Pioneer of arctic geology and one of the first to recognize the oil and gas potential of the arctic

The Story

Yves Fortier was Director of the Canadian Geological Survey from 1964 - 1973. Fortier headed numerous large-scale multidisciplinary reconnaissance operations during the 1950s and 1960s. The most ambitious was the 1955 "Operation Franklin" in the Arctic. The 28-person expedition, in a single field season, studied strategic locations and mapped almost 260,000 square kilometres of the High Arctic. The survey confirmed great thicknesses of sedimentary cover and a variety of possible oil and gas trapping structures. This potential for oil in this remote part of Canada triggered industry interest in northern oil and gas exploration. "Operation Franklin" also demonstrated how joint research using modern technology could be extremely productive.

The Person

November 30, 1913
  • Logan Medal from the Geological Association of Canada
  • Massey Medal, Royal Canadian Geographical Society, 1964
  • Order of Canada
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January 26, 2004

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