Wayne F. J. Evans

La Science atmosphérique

Atmospheric scientist who has worked on several space satellite missions.

"Global warming is a problem that is affecting the whole world and because the gas lifetime in the atmosphere is so long it will take a long time to deal with it. The scale of the problem in time and space is just mind-boggling."

Lieu de naissance
Nipawin, Saskatchewan

Seattle, Washington

Membres de famille

    D'autres intérêts
    Sports such as golf and badmington. Travel.

    Professor, Emeritus

    Trent University/York University


    • - Honours B.A. in Physics, University of Saskatchewan
    • - M.A. in Physics, University of Saskatchewan
    • - Ph.D. in Physics, University of Saskatchewan.
    • - D.Sc. in Physics, University of Saskatchewan

    • – CRC Tier One Chair Award
    • - Fellow of Royal Society of Canada
    • - DRIE Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer
    • - Research Scientist Level 4 (Senior Scientist)
    • - President's Prize, CMOS
    • - Public Service Merit Award, Federal Government

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    17 novembre, 2011


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