Dugan O'Neil

General Physics, Subatomic Particles, Optics, Biophysics, Theoretical Physics

Detected an elusive subatomic particle which has been sought for over a decade: the single top quark.

"Look for a career that both challenges and interests you, rather than simply going for what is easiest or best paid. Difficulties and curiosity will ensure that you stay motivated and that you become good at what you are doing."

Family Members
  • Spouse: Melanie Russell-O'Neil

calm and enthusiastic

Favorite Music
The Tragically Hip, any kind of rock and roll, garage band music

Other Interests
tinkering with computers, reading, ball hockey, hiking

Associate Professor

Simon Fraser University


  • BSc New Brunswick University
  • MSc U. of Alberta
  • PhD U. of Victoria

  • British Columbia Innovation Council Young Innovator Award
  • Simon Fraser University Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching Award


Michel Lefebvre, professor at the University of Victoria, introduced O'Neil to particle physics. 19-year old O'Neil spent a summer in Lefebvre's laboratory and was spellbound by Lefebvre's sheer enthusiasm for science. After many hours of drawing on the blackboard and talking physics with Lefebvre, particle physics was all O'Neil wanted to do.

Last Updated
December 23, 2011


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