Louis Nirenberg Mathematical and Computing Sciences

Expert in non linear partial differential equations.

The Story

Louis Nirenberg (born 28 February 1925) is a Canadian American mathematician, considered one of the outstanding analysts of the 20th century.[1] He has made fundamental contributions to linear and nonlinear partial differential equations(PDEs) and their application to complex analysis and geometry. His contributions include the Gagliardo–Nirenberg interpolation inequality, which is important in the solution of the elliptic partial differential equations that arise in many areas of mathematics,[2] and the formalization of the bounded mean oscillation known as John–Nirenberg space, which is used to study the behavior of both elastic materials and games of chance known as martingales.[3][4] Nirenberg's work on PDEs was described by the American Mathematical Society in 2002 as "about the best that's been done" towards solving the Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness problem of fluid mechanics and turbulence, which is a Millennium Prize Problem and one of the largest unsolved problems in physics.[1]

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The Person

February 28, 1925
Hamilton, Ontario
  • Abel Prize, Norway, 1915
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September 16, 2015

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