Gary H. Kramer Biochemistry

health physics, radiation protection, dosimetry, in-vivo counting, bioassay

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Head, Human Monitoring Lab
Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Ph.D. (Molecular Sciences) University of Sussex, U.K., 1975
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June 17, 2015

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question #920

My father was exposed to massive radiation exposure before he fathered two out of three children. His first born has no major medical problems. His second born child was in the hospital most of her first year and was given gammaglobulin shots. (I'm guessing) to keep her from having contunious infections as an infant. She also had a lot of upper respratory infections until she was sixteen and she was tested for allergies. She had many allergies and needed to take shots for them. As an adult she had reproductive problems and developed diabetes.She wants to know if her health conditions could be related to her fathers radiation exposure and what if any tests she can take to rule out or find and treat any other hidden diseases. The third born child had vision problems( as does the next generation of children).He also had a swolen spleen for most of his childhood. As an adult he has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease - some form of Glomerulonephritis. He has always weighed in on the light side. His questions are the same.

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