Barry Shell

Organic Chemistry

Answers general questions for Ask-A-Scientist

"I've always liked science because the world can be a strange place but the rationality of science is a comfort in confusing times."

Currently communications manager in the Office of the Vice President, Research, Simon Fraser University, Barry Shell is responsible for the writing, editing and publication of the SFU Research Matters newsletter profiling SFU research. Shell created the website. He has written many magazine articles and three books. In his job at SFU Shell first wrote about SFU research in the Update newsletter from the Centre For Systems Science (1988 - 2002) then in the Faculty of Applied Sciences writing and publishing Applied Thinking, and other newsletters. In 1997 he authored Great Canadian Scientists, the book upon which this website is based. In 1988 he authored Concise Guide to HyperTalk and Running HyperCard with HyperTalk, both published by MIS Press, Portland, OR. He has had numerous freelance articles published in many popular magazines, including The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, and Adbusters. His latest book Sensational Scientists won a national book award in 2006.

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