experiment objective

To identify your own blood type based on your parents’ blood types.

You need...
  • Your mom’s blood type (A, B, AB, or O).
  • Your dad’s blood type (A, B, AB, or O).
  • (Note: if you cannot find out both your parents’ blood type, just pick two of the four possible blood types and do the activity for fun.)
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    activity briefing

    Knowing that you get one chromosome from your mom and one from your dad, can you figure out what your possible blood type is? You need to know that people with blood type A can have either two A chromosomes (AA), or one A and one O chromosome (AO). Similarly people with type B blood have chromosomes in the form of BB or BO. Type AB people have one A and one B chromosome (AB) and type O people must have two O chromosomes (OO). So, for example, if a type AA person is the mother and the father is type BO, there are two chances for an AB child and two chances for an AO child. Try to figure out what blood type you (and any of your brothers or sisters) probably have.


    Blood Type A B AB O
    Possible Blood


    AA or AO BB or BO AB OO


    Possible blood chromosomes for children from AA type mother and BO type father:


      A A
    B AB AB
    O AO AO


    Which means the couple has a 50/50 chance of having either AB type children or AO type children. Use the same type of reasoning to figure out your own family’s combinations.

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