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tina, a 18 year old female from the Internet asks on February 21, 2004,

Will pea seeds germinate slower in a liquid substace other than water? why? I am conducting an experiment related to this and I can't seem to find much information on what factors influence pea germination, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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The answer

Barry Shell answered on February 25, 2004

I don't know what liquids you are thinking of, but water is the best. Peas, and most living things, need water to survive. Seeds need water to germinate. Other liquids would probably not work since peas are used to having water, and all their life systems are based on water. Many liquids like alcohol, gasoline or oil might even kill the pea seeds. To find out what influences germination you might use google. Go there and type in: factors that influence germination.

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